GameSetMatch - GAME Payment Thursday

About GameSetMatch - GAME Payment Thursday

Thank you for registering and paying for the GameSetMatch program. You are paying for our 1x per week GAME program.

Upon checkout, please make sure to click the monthly recurring box if you plan to enroll in multiple months of GameSetMatch. This way, your credit card will be automatically charged each month. You may cancel payment at any time that you wish to terminate participation in the GameSetMatch program.

Rates listed below are per student rates. Please adjust accordingly if you have multiple students.

$40 per month: Regular rate for 1 Day/Week program
$20 per month: Discounted Rate for students with free/reduced lunch status for 1 Day/Week program

A copy of the letter provided to you by your school stating that you child receives free/reduced lunch must be submitted to be eligible for discounted pricing rates.

We look forward to seeing your family soon at GameSetMatch.